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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy dictates the various rights and reservations that Qik.Digital has over the users of the website and the information shared therein. The terms “We”, “Us” and “Our” denote Qik.Digital and terms such as “You” and “Your” denote the customers and the users of the website.

We have composed the privacy policy to shed light on various aspects of our services and website usage for transparency and legal compliance. Visiting/Browsing our site denotes your consent in accepting our privacy policy and abiding by our regulations. Please skip visiting our site in case you do not agree with our privacy policy. Kindly read the privacy policy to understand how we collect your information, how we handle, use and share such collected data.

Personal Information

When you visit the Qik.Digital website, we collect your personal data such as the device information, browser information, IP Address and more automatically when you browse our site. We also collect the information that you provide such as, name, phone number, e-mail address, physical address and the payment details on the website.

We collect your data automatically through,


Cookies are small files that we use to store data in your device. We use Cookies to remember individual website visitors and track site usage and frequency. You have control over the cookies and can delete it from your device.

Log Files

Log files collect the information while you browse the site. It includes IP Address, Browser, Internet Service Provider, Exit pages and the Time Stamp of your visit.

Web Beacons

We use Web Beacons to record the mode of activity electronically.

Usage of Information

We primarily collect information to enhance your browsing and purchasing experience. The collected data are further used in the following ways,


At Qik.Digital, we value our customers and strongly believe in rendering services that are evolved and improved from the last time that they visited the site. We stay in touch with our customers and users who had provided their contact information to keep them informed of our services and our commitment towards providing the best. We engage in email correspondence and connect through call and message to keep you in the loop and offer our tailored services.


We as a seasoned digital marketing agency, understand the risks involved in sharing information digitally. The online world is prone to phishing and other fraudulent practices. We collect your information and secure it to ensure the overall security of our visitors and our website. It also enables us to screen orders that might have a potential risk of fraudulence.

Sharing of Personal Information

We share selected personal information with the third parties to improve the overall browsing experience. With the shared information, we curate the content and cater specifically for individual consumption. We also use Google Analytics to understand customer behaviour better and refine our services and their respective advertisements.

However, we respect our client's trust in our brand and secure their payment, credit card and debit card details with utmost security. We use contemporary technologies to ensure that the sensitive information entrusted to us is safe and unhackable. We never share your sensitive bank details to the third parties at any cost.

We share your personal details such as the address and the phone number in case of a situation that involves the Court of Law such as fraudulent practices, violations of our Terms of Service or threat to people.

Choice of Sharing the Information

We provide the option of sharing the information on our website. You also have the choice to opt-out of our promotional notifications, emails and messages.

Changes in the Privacy Policies

Any changes or updates on our privacy policies are subject to the management decision. We duly update the policies in this section, and it is the responsibility of the users of the website to be informed of the changes.

Grievances and Complaints

In case of grievances and complaints, contact us at:

Email: support@qik.digital


Qik.Digital is a trademarked company, and the content, designs, graphics, information and services as distributed on the site is subject to copyrights and are property of Qik.Digital. Any violation of Copyrights, Trademarks or any other Intellectual Property related to the brand and the site will be ruled and taken necessary actions as directed by the Indian Judiciary, the Jurisdiction is the Madras High Court.

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