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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Browsing the site Qik.Digital denotes the compliance and acceptance of the users with our privacy policies. Read our Privacy Policy here.


Purchasing the services and products of Qik.Digital is directed under the terms and conditions of the individual contractual agreement. Non-compliance of the contract will lead to legal intervention under the jurisdiction of the Madras High Court.


The prices listed on the website are subject to management decisions. The prices are structured after careful consideration of the market condition, client base, company size and the industry-standard and hence are competitive and may change after discussions. Any queries regarding the price fluctuations can be addressed to support@qik.company.


As a digital marketing company, we undertake several advertisements in various forms. We ensure that the advertisements are compliant of the rules as listed by the advertising platforms. Copying our creatives from the website and social media content without our express consent or purchase is a copyright infringement which is punishable by law.


In some cases, clients are required to make a non-refundable payment of the token advance when confirming the order. Any ad budget that is defined in the sales contract has to be paid in advance. A minimum of 50% of the service fee needs to be paid in advance before the commencement of the project as dictated under the sales contract. The remaining amount shall be paid during the monthly, quarterly or annual cycles as dictated under the sales contract.

Termination by the Company

The company reserves the right to terminate the agreement in case of non-payment or unresponsive clients for a considerable duration of time. In such cases, the company can move to the court of law to recover the losses as incurred by the failed client.

Termination by the Client

The clients have to provide a minimum of 1-month notice to terminate the agreement when the terms of the contract are not met, and after full payment. However, termination on the grounds of advertisement errors and other such errors before the payment of dues will not be entertained. We work with the mission of offering complete satisfaction to our clients and take our work ethics seriously, hence, in the case of dissatisfaction, we try to mend the services to your desire. If you choose to terminate, the client is required to communicate the decision with the team at least 1 month in advance and ensure that no dues are left unpaid.

No Guarantees

We love our work and offer only the best of services to our clients, which are tailored to fit your request. Although our work has an excellent track record, we do not provide explicit guarantees that you will gain the envisioned results since the success of our services mainly depends on the promises delivered by your brand. We help you get the coveted platform for your brand visibility and securing your spot depends on quality and commitment to your customers.

Usage of Extra Creatives

We pride in providing top-class, innovative content and creatives which the clients will be given full ownership of as specified in the agreement. We undertake a certain amount of revisions to satisfy your desires and the end-product is shared duly based on the service level agreement. The clients have full ownership of the end-product creative or content only and not of the pre-revised creatives. Kindly seek the permission of the team and pay extra to use the additional content and designs.


GST, VAT or any other taxes will be levied on services as prescribed by the Government of India.

Legal Disputes

Any disputes, litigations and legal suits will be settled in the court of law and the charges of a wrongful suit will be born by the plaintiff.

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