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Case Studies


Idli Dabba

IDLI DABBA aspires to break the notion that South Indian food is mundane and boring. We aim to do this by offering our Idlies & Dosas with traditional, authentic & spicy South Indian Curries apart from the usual Chutneys, Sambar & Podis. Curious? Hungry already? Our daily menu would include 3 Veg touches, 3 Non-Veg touches, 3 Thuvayyals, a wide variety of Idlies and Dosas, Salads, Omelettes, Sweets, Beverages & it goes on''.

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What We Delivered

Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing
Content Writing
Email Marketing
Who are Idli Dabba

'IDLI DABBA', a food-delivery start-up, bringing you healthy, steaming hot Idlies and the crispiest of Dosas, served with exotic Chettinadu Curries like Kallaveetu Kathirikkai, Kadamba Thuvayal, Naatu Kozhi Koazhambu, Meen Kozhambu that you can conveniently order online at the snap of a finger. Concerned about hygiene? We take great pride that our FSSAI-rated kitchens house imported cooking equipment that are fully automated ensuring minimal hand usage. Our packaging is engineered to keep the food fresh, hot and easy to consume. Our delivery bags maintain food integrity through the delivery cycle. With an equal emphasis on technology and delivery, we make ordering food a first class experience.


With such high competition from high street brands, the challenge for Diamond Heaven was to be noticed across social media; by increasing brand awareness and engagement. In order to do this, we needed to focus on their Facebook page, whilst launching Instagram, Pinterest and building a Twitter following. Generating revenue from social media was also a challenge Diamond Heaven wanted to overcome, ensuring that their advertising generated a healthy ROI, as well as a great reach. Finally, Diamond Heaven wanted to increase their email database and to ensure it only included people who would engage with the brand.

What We Did ?

The results we've achieved for Idli Dabba can not only be seen online, but through footfall in their restaurant.
From our social media strategy their Facebook page likes have increased by 20,000 in the last 12 months, and their Instagram account has grown to have a healthy number of followers. Competitions now average over 7,000 entries and generate strong data collection opportunities for Idli Dabba. In addition to this we've seen an organic reach over over 30,000 on a number of their posts and are now naturally generating a high number of likes and shares.

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